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Curso Gestión Digital del Color

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En este curso on-line de Gestión Digital del Color impartido por el nominado a un Emmy Mario Nevado aprenderás:

  • Teoría del color
  • El Círculo cromático
  • Psicología del Color
  • Gestión Digital del Color en Photoshop
  • Manejo del Histograma
  • Ajustes y Herramientas

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Curso de Composición y Narrativa Visual con Mario Nevado

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En este curso on-line de composición y narrativa visual impartido por el nominado a un Emmy Mario Nevado aprenderás:

  • Funciones del mensaje
  • Encuadre, tipos de planos y angulaciones
  • Iluminación
  • Teoría y Psicología del Color
  • Elementos expresivos y finalidades de

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“Betrayal” in Living Art America Body Painting contest

Body painting artist Brad de La Torre contacted me a few months regarding the usage of my artwork “Betrayal” for the head part of a design he was working on for the most important body painting contest in the US:

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Permanent 50% sale on all my Fine Art America prints

Hey fellas!

I’ve been thinking about cutting prices on one of my best-selling stores, and I’ve finally decided to do so. All products on my Fine Art America store have just received a permanent 50% cut of their retail prices.

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¡Photoshop Rockstars vuelve! ¡Inspírate!

Photoshop Rockstars vuelve un año más para que terminéis el año con vuestra cantidad anual recomendada de inspiración photoshoppera. Contaremos con la presencia de algunos clásicos como Ana Mesas, Carles Marsal y un servidor, pero además para esta ocasión

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“Guardians of the Earth” film poster design

Some months ago I was contacted by Filip Malinowski for the making of the promotional theatrical poster of his documentary “Guardians of the Earth”, which had also the participation of Nils Frahm on the soundtrack, and people such as Al

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“Digital Dreams” exhibition: more dates in Russia!

Hello, everyone! In 2016 I participated in “Digital Dreams” Masterpieces from Computer Graphics”, a collective exhibition initially thought out to be displayed in St. Petersburg (Russia) during a couple of months.

The success was so huge that it moved a

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New Art Velvet Pillows!

Hey fellas! I have decided to set up a brand new store dedicated to… pillows! Knowing that most of my illustrations come from the subconscious, I thought it might be a good idea to prove if they suit well

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New Matte Painting courses at ShiftArt!

Hey fellas! Are you ready to go back to school? I am! I’ll be teaching some of my key tips for matte painting compositions using Adobe Photoshop during September and February on the on-line teaching platform ShiftArt. Each class will

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A deserved update to all of you: Aégis is alive.

Well, hello everyone! I don’t know if after all this time being on hiatus there might be anyone out there still reading this blog, but just in case, I’ve been feeling with the obligation to update you all for quite

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