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Black Friday Promos in Prints and Apparel!

You know I’m not the biggest fan of doing promos, but most of my distributors are doing special offers this week because of Black Friday, so here they go 🙂

Prints & Posters

  • Fine Art America – Enter the

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Autogestión para Creativos y Artistas: Vídeocurso

“ILÚSTRATE: Aprende a vivir de tu arte.”

La imaginación es la fuerza más poderosa que poseemos. Las estructuras profundas de lo que no somos conscientes nos impiden liberar todo nuestro potencial. Una empresa es creativa cuando rompe los moldes del

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Workshop Photoshop: Comunicación, Composición y Fotoilustración

¿Un Workshop de Photoshop?

Tus imágenes pueden ser mucho más que la consecuencia de la técnica y del equipo que usas.

Cuando sabes qué puedes contar con ellas se abre ante ti un nuevo mundo de posibilidades. ÚneteRead More

Digital Dreams Exhibition – Perinnye Ryady, St. Petersburg

After holding several retrospectives of world renowned artists such as Picasso, Dalí or Magritte, the Perinnye Ryady Art Center in St. Petersburg in Russia will hold one of the biggest collective exhibitions about digital art to date: Digital Dreams.

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FastExpos: Aégis + Sertek DJ Set en Siroco Madrid

¡Con motivo del décimo aniversario de este estudio, tengo el placer de invitaros a una fiesta-exposición!

Las Fast Expos de la sala Siroco presentan la obra artística del Ilustrador y Director de Arte Mario Sánchez Nevado. En el lounge de

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Contes Malalts: Retrospective exhibition in Andorra

Hello, Andorra!

I’ll be visiting the Principality of Andorra this May 12th to inaugurate the retrospective exhibition that the L’Arca association of Illustrators of Andorra has organized on the Museum of La Massana Còmic to commemorate my ten years as

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Photoshop Tip: Photo Realistic Fire Using Blending Modes

Some weeks ago, I was requested by one of deviantArt Gallery Curators, the digital artist Erik Shoemaker, to write a short Photoshop Tip Tutorial for the ongoing series “Manip Academy” (on which I participated in the previous edition with thisRead More

Adobe Make it Layered, Make it Yours Photoshop Workshop

February 18, 2016 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm CET (UTC+01:00)

Discover the unlimited power of Create Your Own Assets – feeling and capturing the inspiration of the world that surrounds you in this PhotoshopRead More

2015: An Illustration Year in Review

As I did last year, here I present you a digital art compilation of nearly everything I have done during 2015. This last year has been what I consider to bee a transition one. Nothing life changing has happened,

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Behind the Layers – Before and After Photoshop

Here’s a shot video I have made with the base model photos of some of my artworks, and how they become digital pieces through Adobe Photoshop.

I’d love to extend myself a bit more on descriptions but I’m fortunately flooded

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