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Feature at dArt Zine

Long time no see! Well, there isn’t much to talk about lately.

My work was recently featured at dArt Zine. Really worthy to take a look, I am very happy since my artwork was treated with very good taste and

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Interview on Braintwisting

Hi all! Recently,Daniele Cascone, a must-see italian artist who actually runs the web magazine Braintwisting invited me to do an interview and it has just been released. The interview is in italian, and you can read it following this link

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New 22 pages interview!

I’m proud to announce a new interview in RevolutionArt Magazine! An insight and interesting 22 pages interview! Go check it out!

  • Read it online.
  • Download the magazine.

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Exceeds New Release

Hi all! Well, this is coming a bit delayed… but if you have read previous posts you may be aware of what’s been going on my life lately (:

Exceeds artgroup released its 6th pack like two weeks ago, entitled

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Exceeds’ new art pack “Pure” released!

At last, after two years of silence, an artgroup I belong to, Exceeds, has released its 5th and new pack, titled “Pure”.

For those who ignore the existence of this group, we release art packs done by various international photomanipulators,

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Shut up! & Interview at Artsprojekt

Haven’t you ever had that period of your life in which you just wished everybody to shut their mouths up, but you though that losing your modals was not the correct step to take? Yeah, more or less we all

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Happy 2010! And a new interview!

Hello all! First and foremost, have a nice and healthy new year! (:

I’m going to start this brand new 2010 with an interview done by Sarah J. Blige. You can read it clicking here!

Everything else: I

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New interview @ Uno de los Nuestros

¡Hola a todos!

Hace poco salió publicada una entrevista en la página Uno de los nuestros, bastante extensa e interesante, que podéis leer pinchando sobre este enlace.

The interview is in spanish only, sorry! Anyways, you can take a look

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Interview on Body of Work @ RedBubble

Hi all! Recently I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Geoff Coleman for RedBubble’s group Body of Work.

The interview is in english. You can read it clicking here.

Happy reading!:)

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