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Aégis Illustration, 2014: A Year in Review

Well, first of all, I hope you all are having a nice beginning of 2015! It’s been a while since the last time I posted anything here… Which doesn’t mean that the engine has been turned off! Quite the opposite

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“Betrayal”: Mother Earth Sugar Art Sculpture!

I’m often asked by art students if they can copy some of my works for their art classes and such, which is totally fine with me. It’s always very nice to see the same results done by other people. But

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R.I.P. Hans Ruedi Giger

GIGEROTICA from melez [aw] on Vimeo.

Hans Ruedi Giger, an artists we all can recall, died recently. Needless to say he was a huge inspirations to all of us artists who came after him, it’s been a giant

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Internal Landscapes: Coming soon…

Just to let you now… My first series in four years is due to see the light very soon! “Internal Landscapes” is a collection of back light emotional portraits that will feature multiple exposures that will merge faces and lush

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My work now represented by RedApe in Oceania

From now on, my artwork will be represented and managed by RedApe on the Oceania and Australasia area in exclusive, which means that if you want to hire me and you or your bussiness are located there, you will need

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Aégis Reborning: New Illustration portfolio

After a couple of week with the site closed due to some rebulding, I introduce you my all brand new illustration portfolio website, less complex, more elegant. But why a new website, if you laucnhed the old one just a

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No to SOPA! Yes to Freedom!

I am an artist against SOPA, I live thanks to internet. As much others, use Creative Commons to display and SHARE our work all over the web.Read More

Aégis Strife v.6 online!

Hi folks! After three weeks of having the site closed, it is alive again! 🙂 As you can see, the full website has been redesigned ’til its core… Still clean and navigation friendly, but with a more personal approach in

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Press features and new artworks in gallery!

Hi folks!

Long time I have not updated with anything related to my digital realm… well, as you might have guessed already the political situation in my country is quite complicated, and nowadays I only have time to work in

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Spanish Revolution!

¡Hola a todos!

Ahora mismo me encuentro viviendo en el campamento que hemos levantado en la plaza de la Glorieta en Murcia con motivo de la manifestación que Democracia Real YA convocó el pasado 15M. Aprovecho que vengo a mi

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