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Aegis Strife v5.0

Well well… not updating in such a while, ain’t it? I have been re-coding and re-designing the full site. I’ve been working in the same server for so many years, and it was needing a huge clean-up! So here you

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Hello all! So finally back from Edinburgh… greatest place I have ever been in… Amazing experience surrounded by amazing people and wonderful places… lots of stuff to do in such a little city! It has really given me a new

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My studio, stolen

Hi folks…

Yesterday at night, some guys entered in my house and stole everything from my studio: computer, cameras, lenses, hard drives… they only left one hard drive (which miracoulously is the one in which my PSDs and RAWs are)

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The copyright madness

What do you think of “artists” who have very strong copyright rules …but only use external resources not made by them?

I think it’s quite hillarious. A lot of people lately are acting like sick people regarding the copyright

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Innocent Accident

Hi all! Long time no see…

I’ve been really busy acting in the opera “La Tosca” (G. Puccini).  A production of the Scottish Opera under an original direction of Anthony Besh (read more info here – in spanish) (oh well,

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Masochistic Artist

I’ve been working in this image for ages (well, honestly less than a week), but a lot of things have happened in between, some of then I just cannot explain by myself. I am a masochistic person, sometimes I commit

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Hi all! As you may have noticed already, this site has not been updated since August, but fear not my friends, because I’ve been  developing the site you’re in right now the latest 2 months.

It’s been a LOT

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Informative “Party”

Hi all! Long time no see… I’ve been very busy with personal affairs that have kept me out of my nerves, and actually I am trying to clarify my ideas about creativity because they are totally mixed up. So, in the meantime here I show you my last piece, “Party”, which I did in the end of May. As you can see I am trying to move forward through the path of irony. We’ll see how that evolves!Read More

¡Todos contra la SGAE!

Sorry, this time spanish only!

Hola amigos!

Solo quiero comunicaros mi petición para que firméis digitalmente el tratado que Todos contra la SGAE está llevando a cabo para abolir el injusto canon que estos parásitos del mundo del artisteo nos

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Hail from the Nowhere Man

Spanish version may be come out soon, I hope 🙂

Hello all! and be welcomed to my blog/news section of my portfolio.

I know this new version has taken more time than the expected, but due to a server crash

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