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Wear Surreal: New Products and Contest!

(Abajo en Español) Taking advantage that I’m being featured as Artist of the Week again in Cotógraphix, the Spanish provider of my Wear Surreal! line of apparel, I decided to take a small and fun photoshoot with some of the

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Internal Landscapes #2: Amnesty

Second on my Internal Landscapes series. Model is María José Cánovas This one was shot long ago: August 2013 at la Fuente del Rey in Cieza (Murcia – Spain).

Internal Landscapes is a personal project aimed at combining multiple photography shots to

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Internal Landscapes #1: Wisdom

First on my Internal Landscapes series. Model is the always lovely Marta Ochando. This one was shot long ago: August 2013 at la Fuente del Rey in Cieza (Murcia – Spain), in front of a warm sunset at the end

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Guide for photo manipulators: La Granja (Segovia)

I am so excited: This is my first ever post about my insight activities as a photo illustrator. I always talk about my new works, interviews, awards, collaborations, commercial stuff… but I rarely go beyond that.

I have came to

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Hysterical Minds releases Twisted Essence

Twisted Essence, the new artistic pack released by the hispanic-speaking art collective Hysterical Minds, ha sbeen released, at last, with some of the best material de collective has released to date, including mesmerizing paintings, vectors, photograps, mixed media illustration, music,

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Photojournalism: World Revolution 15O!

15O Photos about the world demonstration of October 15th (15O): United for Global Change. Tool in Murcia by photographer & digital artist Mario Sánchez Nevado.Read More

Spanish Revolution!

¡Hola a todos!

Ahora mismo me encuentro viviendo en el campamento que hemos levantado en la plaza de la Glorieta en Murcia con motivo de la manifestación que Democracia Real YA convocó el pasado 15M. Aprovecho que vengo a mi

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Hysterical Minds releases “Freedom”

Hi all!

Some weeks ago, I was lucky to be invited to the first spanish-speaker artgroup online. The artgroup Hysterical Minds release its 7º exhibition in which has been given freedom to our artists to work on any subject.


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One Second

I promised to update a lot the website this week, but the thruth is that I’ve been involved in a lot of activities and I’ve been unable to come here as much as I wanted. Anyway, I’m going to show

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Memories Collector won Creajoven!

Yesterday was the final match to know who would win the 28th edition of Creajoven, the most important artistic regional awards. If I have to be honest I didn’t have any faith on winning, but at the end it occured…

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