charade, Charade, or the Art of Lying

Charade, or the Art of Lying

Following with the release of pieces published on the last publication of Hysterical Minds, here it is “Charade”, a not-so-obvious illustration about masks and the art of lying… And how to feel when you are discovered by someone way clever than you. Shit happens, so stay true to yourself and avoid making stupid dramas about stuff you are not. We are better the way we are, you can trust me about that 😉

Thanks to my partner in crime, Edu, for modelling yet again for me. You can find this one and other set of pieces done by me and the fabulous artists over at the collective on the free on-line exhibition “They are among Us”.

Mario is a digital artist and art director that explores the depths of dark surrealism to deliver shocking cover visuals for bands, writers and filmmakers around the world. He's also a passionate instructor of color theory and image composition. In his free time, he sings and makes noise on his musical project, Nevado.