October 19, 2010


Surreal Photo Manipulation.

Delirium by Mario Sánchez Nevado


After a big while without creating anything in digital, here I am, again.

This year has been hard for creation in my case. I was lost in between all my ideals and such, so I didn’t know what to do, until I realized, some weeks ago, that fuck everything and let’s going to create something, and that’s all. I made myself conscious that I have to spend more time in each creation and to fuss over them more often… and I realized that I used to do that in the past, and due to the hurries of freelance work and certain projects, I forgot to do that and I wanted everything to be done “yesterday”.

So now, I’ve done some new illustrations and I am feeling so proud of them. This is the first one of a new maybe series, because it’s not the only one that’s finished and all of them have similar aesthetics and concepts, although those were completely unintentional.

This piece was inspired by Sophie, a marvellous human being I admire, whith whom I worked a lot in the past in many illustrations, in my beginning stages in digital imagery (2006-2007). She has been (and she still is!) the muse for so many artists, such as myself, that have found in her something special and classic to be put in contemporary creations. I was browsing in my stocks folder, and I saw some pics I had of her, that she did 2 years ago I think, and I though “what the hell, let’s going to use these!”. Slowly, inspiration seemed to come to me and around the figure of Sophie in the background, the elements and colours started to flow, so this “Delirium” piece was created… so I’m completely thankful to her… seems like my will to create is back 🙂

So well, you know I like to show stuff in small doses, so for now I’m only showing off this piece… soon I’ll be posting another piece which is finished but untitled yet, and updating my portfolio with a new CD packaging I did last month.

About Mario Sánchez Nevado

Mario is the CEO of Aégis Illustration. He's a freelance Illustrator and Art Director based in Madrid (Spain), and works creating covers for music bands and publishing houses all over the world. He also develops the role of Art Director and Manager of the international artistic collective Hysterical Minds. Also, he writes Photoshop Tutorials from time to time and teaches digital imaging and self-management for creatives.

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