Q: Do you work for free?

A: Let’s start with the most common question on Earth for a creative individual. Art is vocational, yes, but it’s a job, too. We artists are not guilty that you don’t love the thing you spend/waste most of the time into. Professional activities are payed. Period.

Q: How much do you charge, then?

A: That depends on every commission and on every single client. Since all projects have different specifications, and every client has a concrete audience, the price usually depends on how many copies you are going to produce/distribute, the amount of illustrations or pages and the complexity of the proposed idea. But don’t be shy, explain your project to me and I’ll send you a free budget, with no commitment at all.

Q: Do you sell the pictures in the galleries of this site?

A: Yes, most of them are available for image licensing for your cover or any other usage. The price is (usually) cheaper than demanding a brand new illustration. Keep in mind that some of the images are already being used, but feel free to ask!

Q: Do you work for clients worldwide?

A: Of course.  

Q: Do you create custom or personal commissions?

A: It depends, but mostly I’m open to work on those, if your idea doesn’t freak me out. If you want photo-retouching, portraits, or illustrations including any of your loved ones, let me know: I’m open for discussion.

Q: I have never worked with a freelancer… What is the working proccess?

A: Usually it is quite simple: you contact me and talk about your great project and how you would like it to be, any specifications or deadlines are extremely welcomed! Then, we can discuss a price and if we are happy with it, I send you a License Agreement with all the points we have to respect on our deal, including image usages, briefing (if you provided one), content material, etc. If your project has a small budget you will have to pay in full before getting any sketches or pitches. If the project is huge, it can be paid in installments (usually two), but all of them must be done before getting any material in high-resolution. When all the burocratic jargon is clear by both parties, then the magic begins. You’ll be updated of all of the process, from the first sketches to captures of the final art so you can guide if you have a very clear idea, or you just can give complete freedom. As you wish! But remember: I’ll be always giving my advice as a visual professional if I feel that the changes you’re asking are not realistic or good for the look & feel of your project.

Q: Do you design websites?

A: I was a web designer for many years, but I decided to quit and nowadays I only design and code for my own page. Anyway, I can create simple and responsive designs and set-up WordPress sites if I am already working with you. Let’s say I did your CD album packaging, you are about to release it to the world but have no website. This is the point in which we can deal a website design. Because websites are more complex to build, sometimes it might not be possible to fit them together with my current working schedule.

Q: Can I re-post your images on my blog or social media profile?

Sure! You are going to do that anyway, don’t you? 🙂 I’m fine with my images being spread through the net, but please, never remove the small watermark I place in the bottom of the images. It’s not eye-disturbing and to keep them is all I ask for have them re-distributed for free (in low resolution, of course). If you’re building a blog post off my pieces, I’d appreciate if you can tell me (sometimes I promote them on my social channels). Posting the images in commercial sites or magazines is not allowed, however, without prior written permission.


Q: Can I get one of your illustrations tattooed?

Yes! Just be sure that you choose a good tattoo artist before, as the images are very complex for being painted on skin. And please, send me pics. I’d appreciate that a lot!

Q: What does it mean that your images use a “Creative Commons License”?

A: I offer my images with an Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). That doesn’t mean that my images can be used as stock or are for the public domain by any means: You are free to post or redistribute the images anywhere else (in digital format) as long as I’m credited as the author. Derivative images such as crops, collages, banners, forums sings and the like, should be asked first (I’m usually fine with that). Obviously, commercial usage is forbidden, if not… what would be the logic of selling them? 😉

Q: I’m an upcoming artist/illustrator/photographer/whatever… can you help me?

A: I receive many e-mails from people who is starting their creative career and need advice. I try to reply to all questions, but as you may think I’m not a machine and I don’t know everything. I write Photoshop tutorials from time to time, maybe some of your doubts can be solved by reading those. If not, just come by and say hi, I don’t bite, I promise 🙂

Q: Where is your old stuff?

A: Since one of the restructurings of this site, most of the old, not-attractive-anymore images and projects were erased from the database to save loading times and make the site smaller (it was too big and messy to have +400 artworks all over the place). You can find (almost) everything I’ve done since 2005 in my deviantArt account. If you are looking for my old and creepy videos and animation films, find them on my Youtube channel. For the photography, check my Flickr and Instagram accounts (might take a while until I migrate all the stuff to these profiles).

Q: I can’t find what I’m looking for. What should I do?

A: Just contact me and say hello!