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Informative “Party”

Hi all! Long time no see… I’ve been very busy with personal affairs that have kept me out of my nerves, and actually I am trying to clarify my ideas about creativity because they are totally mixed up. So, in the meantime here I show you my last piece, “Party”, which I did in the end of May. As you can see I am trying to move forward through the path of irony. We’ll see how that evolves!Read More

New interview @ Uno de los Nuestros

¡Hola a todos!

Hace poco salió publicada una entrevista en la página Uno de los nuestros, bastante extensa e interesante, que podéis leer pinchando sobre este enlace.

The interview is in spanish only, sorry! Anyways, you can take a look

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Shortest day

Hi all!

Some weeks ago, I started to doodle a bit in Photoshop out of the boredom I had. Doing some experiments and random things, I started to do something that was looking particulary close to some sketches of an

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Press 1 e-zine

Hi all!

I am glad to announce my contribution to the literary e-zine Press 1 in their volume III.

Digital artworks and some paintings were selected to illustrate all the poetry and fiction narrative included. It is really

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¡Todos contra la SGAE!

Sorry, this time spanish only!

Hola amigos!

Solo quiero comunicaros mi petición para que firméis digitalmente el tratado que Todos contra la SGAE está llevando a cabo para abolir el injusto canon que estos parásitos del mundo del artisteo nos

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Vertigo. Speed. Red. Blue. Breeze. The sea as the sky. Keep on picking petals, darling. Does he love you? Does he love you not? There are rainbows and shooting stars. There’s an ocean and a falling sky. Is that all you wanted?Read More

The traffic of the whales

Lately I can hardly sleep. I decided to took some vacation some months ago and it’s starting to get out of my nerves because of the lack of duties (ironic, isn’t it?). So I’m having some strange dreams, confusing, sometimes

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Ashent – Deconstructive: Full Package design

Hi all! I hope you’re all doing well (:

March 21st was the date in wich Ashent’s “Deconstructive” album was released. Here you can see the full packaging design:

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Kid A

I just finished it: Kid A. I think it is one of the most inspired pieces I’ve done in the lastest years. It’s a mixture of vectors, analog and digital painting and photos. It’s a portrait of Kid A. It’s

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