October 27, 2010


Surreal Photo Manipulation

Kamikaze by Mario Sánchez Nevado


This image was done straight after Delirium, in the creative rush I had at the beginning of this month. The image was started with nothing in mind actually. I just started to play with this image of Keira Grant photographed by the always great Marcus Ranum. In the beginning it was going to be a very simple image… with the nude standing in the water and nothing much else… but you know, these things usually happens and without expecting it I was adding more and more stuff until the water was a full landscape and there was a bomb and such. So I suddenly saw the whole scene and started to add animals running for their lives like hell (which was the hard part of this work, which was going to be a simple one, ha), and well, you can see the result now.

For me it looks like I have gone 3 years back in my career, doesn’t it? ;P

And this time, some zoomed details 🙂

Apart of this one, I have already started a new work which would be maybe called “Empiria”, and I have been tweaking some old illustrations of mine done long time ago, to give them new finishes and post-processing looks. They really look like something now, so I shall be uploading them soon, as soon as I finish the whole “pack” of old stuff re-done.

And working like a dog for my next exhibit! Big news soon! 🙂

About Mario Sánchez Nevado

Mario is the CEO of Aégis Illustration. He's a freelance Illustrator and Art Director based in Madrid (Spain), and works creating covers for music bands and publishing houses all over the world. He also develops the role of Art Director and Manager of the international artistic collective Hysterical Minds. Also, he writes Photoshop Tutorials from time to time and teaches digital imaging and self-management for creatives.

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