creajoven, ‘Memories Collector’ Accesit Prize at Creajoven Murcia 2010

‘Memories Collector’ Accesit Prize at Creajoven Murcia 2010

Yesterday was the final match to know who would win the 28th edition of Creajoven, the most important artistic regional awards. If I have to be honest I didn’t have any faith on winning, but at the end it occured… Memories Collector won the 2nd big prize!

So now you can visit the exhibition with the winner at the Laboratorio de Arte Joven in Murcia (Spain). Also, I have confirmed a new group exhibition for February with Memories Collector in the same place. I’ll confirm dates and more info as soon as we develop everything 🙂

A BIG BIG thank you for all the people who supported and played a role in this humble project… this prize is also yours. I want to salute and embrace Natalia Martínez Sala, Mari Paz Sánchez Reales, Aída Fortuny López, Laura Sánchez Martínez, María MIllán Lario, Kike Sánchez Aragón, Alba Navas Martín, Aurora Martín Vilchez, Aurora Martín, Villa, Belén Ayora Estebán, Alejandro García G., Ruby Fernández, Juan Pedro Alcántara Cortés, Marta Ochando Martínez, Ángela Fernández Moya, Gema Carbonell Lloreda and Andrés Granda Fonseca. Without you this project couldn’t have been possible. Thank you!

creajoven, ‘Memories Collector’ Accesit Prize at Creajoven Murcia 2010

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