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A personal project about Global Warming


Digital illustration created for the exhibition “Empathy”, held by the international artistic collective Hysterical Minds in 2012. This artwork was based on a series of sketches I developed back in 2008 about domestic violence, for an etching project that was never finished. I found them years later and decided that the idea was worth the remaking, and turned the central meaning from domestic violence to planetary violence.

The concept is about the harm we do to ourselves by contaminating the planet. We are part of a cycle and if we destroy parts of it, we’re killing our specie at the same time. So yes, the global warming idea is there, but my intention is to show a deeper, ethical idea about ourselves.

Technological development is good and necessary, but exploiting our resources until they disappear is not the best idea. Nature is a perfect machine with no flaws, and if we try to force it to take a different current, we will be the first ones regretting it. It’s not about ‘what’, but about ‘how much’.

This artwork was also featured as the film poster for the film documentary “Guardians of the Earth”, directed by Filip Antoni Malinowski with music by Nils Frahm and starred amongst others by Al Gore and Arnold Schwarzenegger. It has also been featured in several educational publications, University papers and Ecologism manifestos.

The Making Of video was created for the event Photoshop Rockstars by Adobe in Callao City Lights.


Hysterical Minds (Spain, 2012)