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Dawn Metcalf – Indelible

Dawn Metcalf Indelible Book Cover Artwork by Mario Nevado
Dawn Metcalf Indelible Book Layout by Mario Nevado
Indelible book cover art by Mario Nevado

Dawn Metcalf – Indelible

Book cover for “The Twixt Book One: Indelible” by Dawn Metcalf. Art Direction by Gigi Lau. Commissioned by Harlequin Teen.

“I can’t imagine a better artist to capture a feeling.”

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have darkly beautiful covers for both of my books, but this one is something special. The genius artist is Mario Sánchez Nevado and his work is drop dead gorgeous! I went cruising around his site for ages simply reveling in all the surrealist beauty. Now I can’t imagine a more perfect visual artist to capture the feeling of the Twixt. Thank you, Mario! Thank you, Harlequin Teen Dream Team!

Dawn Metcalf, Author of “Indelible”.



Harlequin Teen (Canada, 2013)