Stone Division - 6 indifferent places cover artwork

‘Stone Division: Six Indifferent Places’ Packaging Design

I’ve had the pleasure to join forces with the rock/metal band Stone Division from Sweden, designing the album packaging of their debut album “Six Indifferent places”; to be released in the beginning of January, 2014.

The asked me to create something with a exploding statue, but using red and black colors. This shouldn’t be anything specially weird or unusual, but special for me. I’ve got a little compulsion on wearing red and black most of the time (yes, I guess it has something to do with the little anarchist in me :P). I always wanted to created something on that vibe, but you know… ideas come and go and you never find the correct timing to do certain things.

Lately I am blabbering a lot, ain’t I? Here’s the project! 🙂

Stone Division – 6 indifferent places packaging design

Stone Division - 6 indifferent places CD design #1

Stone Division - 6 indifferent places CD design #3

Stone Division - 6 indifferent places T-shirt desing


And last but not least, enjoy “Halo”, the first single from the album!

Mario is a digital artist and art director that explores the depths of dark surrealism to deliver shocking cover visuals for bands, writers and filmmakers around the world. He's also a passionate instructor of color theory and image composition. In his free time, he sings and makes noise on his musical project, Nevado.

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  • Alex Matteson
    5 years ago

    Hi Mario Sánchez Nevado! My name is Alex Matteson. I was wondering if you know where I can buy this album? I live in the US, I’ve been searching for a while now and can’t find it I really really love it. If you know of anywhere that I can purchase it that would be great! Thnx and nice art work .