Small-time thief and hitman Conor Night thinks having terminal cancer is his worst problem. The illegal treatments keeping him alive are expensive, and the side effects a mixed bag:Conor can raise the dead.When a low-end hit points to a high-end

Some months ago I was contacted by Bad Dream Entertainment, an independent book publisher. They were seeking a cover artist for "The Tales of Victor Coachman", the new horror/sci-fi novel by Birney Reed. I really liked the main idea for

My artwork "Deliberation" (which I created for a step by step Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorial that you can check out clicking here) is featured as the cover of the eBook "What Women (don't) Want" by Diario di Pensieri / Speechless

I have had the great pleasure to join forces with the fantasy/sci-fi writer A. A. Attanasio, using my illustration "A Dying Wish" for the eBook release of his 1998's "The Shadow Eater", that you can adquite from Amazon Kindle Store, Barnes&Noble

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