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Contes Malalts: Retrospective exhibition in Andorra

Hello, Andorra!

I’ll be visiting the Principality of Andorra this May 12th to inaugurate the retrospective exhibition that the L’Arca association of Illustrators of Andorra has organized on the Museum of La Massana Còmic to commemorate my ten years as

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Crónica del I Encuentro de Arte & Psicología (exhibition report)

You may be asking yourself (if you seem to have such a big amount of free time) why I have not said a word about the I Symposium of Art & Psichology arranged by the UDIMA in Madrid that was

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I Jornadas Arte y Psicología Madrid + Exposición

After several months of hard work, at least I can introduce you the I Symposium of Art & Psichology that the Distance Learning University of Madrid (UDIMA) has arranged for the next May 31st and February 1st on Madrid’s CEF

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