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Freelancer Tips at Gigaverse

Gigaverse is a new and very interesting platform for training yourself via curses, articles and a lot of content in most areas you can think of if you run (or want to) a freelance career, among other things, featuring lots

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Photo & Retouching Interview

I have been interviewed for the very first release of the italian magazine Photo & Retouching. You can find a six pages monographic and a spread featuring the making of “Betrayal” and “Nirvana”. Texts are in italian, ‘thought!

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NeverLazy Magazine Interview

Lately, I don’t usually post any new interviews on the blog, since there are many of them being published monthly so I’ve been just updating the Press section… But here’s a nice exception to the rule: A very fun interview

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Interview on Der Bildbearbeiter #5

A 2-pages showcased and a brief interview can be found on the digital art and design german magazine Der Bildbearbeiter #5 at pages 28-29. Click the image above to enlarge it 🙂

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Interview: Advanced Photoshop Magazine #95

Advanced Photoshop Magazine includes in its latest release (#95, United Kingdom) a two pages showcase of Hysterical Minds latest exhibition, “Twisted Essence” including some of the best digital artworks the art collective has released in their latest art pack, and

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Art Direction Interview about Twisted Essence

New interview from the very inspirational website Enkil – Uno de los Nuestros, as Art Director and my role in the art collective Hysterical Minds and our latest release , “Twisted Essence” that sets a standing point in our career. Very

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Feature @ Brain Storm Override

Friend José María Picón has just published at Brain Storm Override an article about my opus. Don’t miss it!

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Interview on Braintwisting

Hi all! Recently,Daniele Cascone, a must-see italian artist who actually runs the web magazine Braintwisting invited me to do an interview and it has just been released. The interview is in italian, and you can read it following this link

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New 22 pages interview!

I’m proud to announce a new interview in RevolutionArt Magazine! An insight and interesting 22 pages interview! Go check it out!

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  • Download the magazine.

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Shut up! & Interview at Artsprojekt

Haven’t you ever had that period of your life in which you just wished everybody to shut their mouths up, but you though that losing your modals was not the correct step to take? Yeah, more or less we all

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