As an artist, you rarely work alone. At least, I don’t. During the years, I’ve get to know wonderful models, photographers, assistants, magazine editors, bloggers… Well, such a micro-society inside the creative sphere, that I’ve worked with or that have helped me at some point of my path.

So, it wouldn’t be fair for me to get all the acclaim! Something from them is in each one of my pieces. Thank you!

Artists & Friends

Models & Actors

  • Eduardo Muñoz Peña, Jorge Díez Urrea, Natalia Martínez Sala, Marta Ochando Martínez, Andrés Granda Fonseca, Eva Sánchez Nevado, Alba Navas Martín, Elena Álvarez Fernández, Mª José Cánovas, Julieta Sol Valera Manograsso, Sandra JIménez, Carmen Sáez Ortega and for sure I’m forgetting some: Thank you friends for allowing me to exploit you in some way!



Thanks to my colleagues in the Hysterical Minds art group, the guys in Ashent, Deathwalking, Stone Division, Rainover, Tezaura, Bad Dream Entertainmet, A. A. Attanasio, G-Noma, Feral Sun, Adobe Ibérica, Ballistic Group, UDIMA University, El Hombre 2.0, Uno de los Nuestros, and well, all the nice people I’ve been working these years… Thank you!