June 5, 2014

The Tales of Victor Coachman by Birney Reed

Book Cover Illustration

The Tales of Victor Coachman book cover illustration

Book cover

Some months ago I was contacted by Bad Dream Entertainment, an independent book publisher. They were seeking a cover artist for “The Tales of Victor Coachman”, the new horror/sci-fi novel by Birney Reed. I really liked the main idea for this book cover illustration: A main character writing in and old typewriter, with God and the Evil on his back. He has the ability to have his stories turned into reality, so both personalities are always with him depending if what he writes is good or evil…!

Since this came when I was rebooting the branding of the studio with the main concept of “storytelling”, this couldn’t come more in hand! I really had a good time arranging the photo session, and also the typography, more challenging for me than usual, and I had the good luck to be allowed to experiment with it (most publishers doesn’t allow this kind of experiments, to be honest, so I thank them for giving me the chance!).

Even if this is simpler than my usual work, I’m very proud of it and it’s became one of my favorite cover I’ve published. The book will be available in both digital and physical format in August 2014.

Visit Bad Dream’s website for more info!

The Tales of Victor Coachman book cover mockup

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